A Crise de Nerfs?

20 Oct

You’re a writer. Or so you tell yourself. Maybe even other people tell you that, too. But even so, there is on occasion, a time when the very thought of sitting down to write is just about the most unappealing notion you’ve ever encountered. What to do? What to do. That’s a good question, actually.

Generally, I think one should write. If you’re defined by what you do, then indeed, it’s necessary to do it. Whatever that is, I mean. A writer should write. But sometimes your head is filled with fuzz or fog or something other than what’s usually there, and your natural inclination is nowhere to be found. I’m not exactly referring to ‘writer’s block’ (whatever that may be) but instead a sort of generalized laissez-faire. In other words, you just simply do not want to do anything in particular, and especially, you don’t want to write!

I confess this happens to me at times, too. I get very boggled down in just living, trying to keep all the balls in the air, instead of having them raining down on my head from every direction, and really what I’d like most of all is to hibernate. Of course, that’s not generally a very sensible notion, so I try to withstand it as long as I can.

Sometimes it seems as if my word supply has dried up. Oh, I can still talk (and do!) but I have immense trouble in stringing two or more of them together while seated at the computer. Or, I really want to write ‘abc’ when what needs to be written is ‘xyz’ or even ‘mno’. I’m pretty good at avoidance. I’ve had a lot of practice. But at these times, something is lacking in my life, and I’m not quite sure what. (Other than income, that is!)

I like to think of myself as a creative person, and this is manifested in several different ways. I’ve been sewing and knitting since my grade-school days or even earlier, and find this to be excellent therapy. I’m nuts about photography (aren’t digital cameras just the neatest things ever?) and I make note cards or postcards from them. Sometimes I’m able to tackle a publicity campaign for someone or something, including my own books as well as other things.

Anything that will get – and keep – my little grey cells from rusting is fair game I think. And almost always I find that after a while, I become friends again with the computer, and words begin to come out of hiding, and – voilà! I’m impatient to get back to my work in progress.

My crise has gone away. For this time. No doubt it’ll return again, most likely when I least expect it. That may be one reason why I have so many unfinished projects taking up space around here.

Who knows? Not me. What do you do when this happens to you? Does it happen to you? Inquiring minds want to know these things!

If you have questions or comments, please write to me at bookmechanic@gmail.com

Until next time –




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