The last two weeks —

6 Jul

have been unbelievable! Really.

Anyway, here we are again. Lovely to see you all. Little did I think (or even suspect)  all that I’d have to report to you when I sent out that last note on June 7. I did say:

“I suddenly find myself in projects up to my ears, and some of them have deadlines edging ever closer!” There were indeed deadlines, but oh! the rewards! I still can’t believe it.

First off, I’ve had two feature pieces printed in First is a preview look at Ohio Light Opera — one of the great loves of my life! You can read that one here:

And then, later that week, the opportunity to attend a Cleveland Gladiators Arena Football Game (and possibly write about it) presented itself, as well. The game was Sept. 25 against the San Jose SaberCats. I was given a media credential, and saw an unbelievable event. Of course, you all know I was the staff writer for the Cleveland Fusion for five years. Right? They’re the women’s tackle football team in Cleveland. Anyway, here’s the Gladiators piece:  Impressive, I must say! (the players, not me!)


But of course, my real love is writing fiction. Two days after my last blog note, my publisher sent out a note to invite anyone with a novella or longer that had been previously rejected to re=submit directly to her. As it happens, I did have one of those lurking in my computer. So I sent it off, and ten days later, found a letter of acceptance in my inbox. Mercy goodness! I don’t know for sure as yet what the title will be, or the pseudonym, either for that matter. It’s erotica. Yes, me! (with the red face over here.) But it’s a cute story and I like it! Maybe someday I’ll come out of that closet and tell you all who that author really is, but it ain’t gonna be very soon. I don’t think. I mean, it took me four years to come out of my Regency closet — and indeed, you all were the first to know that.

Speaking of Regency, that’s the other acceptance — which only arrived about 5 pm today! It’s a Christmas novella, tentatively titled The Wagered Kiss, and will most likely be published as an e-book in October, then as part of a printed anthology in November or thereabouts. When more information arrives, you’ll be the very first to know. Honest!

And on top of all that, two devoted readers also ordered a box of my Laughing Duck Cards. Many thanks to both of you, and I do hope you all will come back to keep up with my writing adventures!

Of course, the real lesson here is this: always have faith in yourself and what you do. And equally important — never give up your dream. Faith and dreams can move mountains! Try it and see for yourself!


3 Responses to “The last two weeks —”

  1. gloria hanson July 6, 2011 at 2:09 am #

    Congratulations. g

  2. Cathy Jo July 6, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    Kelly, you are phenomenal! Congratulations on all counts! You can whisper to me who your erotica persona is. I won’t tell–promise! 🙂

  3. Judy July 6, 2011 at 7:35 pm #

    Congratulations!! Very exciting. I love surprises!

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