Happy New Year!

3 Jan

That’s always a good place to begin, I think.

At any rate, I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year! I also send apologies for being so behind with this blog – again.

The previous entry was about my latest writing effort – a novella for a Regency Christmas anthology. I’m pleased to announce that Wagered Kiss is now available, individually as an e-book, or in print with five other delightful stories under the title of Christmas Kisses. Both were available in mid-December, but my other big news sort of got in the way of my sharing those tidings in a more timely fashion. Thus the apology.

My bigger news is that I moved. Again. And hopefully for the very last time. I bought an elderly (not quite as old as I am, but just a year or two younger than my son!) mobile home that lives in a space about 500 feet from Lake Erie. I’ve dreamed of such an event for years, if not my lifetime, but never thought it could happen. I love it here. I love weather, actually, and where else could I experience it in the same way? Nowhere. When coming home from anywhere,  the roadway in the park that leads to my particular space closely follows the lake for perhaps 150 feet or so. I thrill to see the whitecaps on the lake or watch the huge waves crash against the break wall. I listen to the wind at night, and think surely I’ve died and gone to heaven. But in actuality, not quite yet, thank you.

I’m learning about home maintenance, heating, plumbing, electrical systems and all kinds of fascinating topics. Oh, not to mention gardening. A month ago, I planted 40 tulip bulbs along the side of my mobile home. I’ve been busily putting up shelves, and rearranging the first batches of stuff I moved in here, because after two months, I now have a better idea of where all this stuff belongs.

Of course, I am still reading and reviewing, plus proof-reading and editing. I’ve gathered information for another three or four blog posts along the way. And I’ve started another novella to submit for consideration in next year’s Christmas anthology.

If you would like to know more about my Regency persona, I invite you to inspect this:


If you’d like to sample this delicious Christmas treat,  here’s a brief preview:

http://www.allegoryezine.com/wageredkiss.htm       You can access the entire site at: http://www.allegoryezine.com     then scroll to the bottom of the opening page, where you’ll see four names under Staff Previews. If you click on Hetty St. James, you’ll eventually end up at the first link here.

Or, should you wish to purchase your very own copy, here are some of the ways in which you may do so,  if you’re so inclined: (with my deepest gratitude!)


Wagered Kiss in Kindle


Christmas Kisses Print Collection:


Wagered Kiss in Nook


Christmas Kisses Print Collection:


Wagered Kiss in other e-book formats:


Christmas Kisses Print Collection  (with summaries of all six stories)


By the way, the rights to Windsong have reverted to me, and I’m preparing it for release as both a Kindle and a Nook book. Perhaps by the next blog entry (I’ll aim for every two weeks from now on) I’ll be able to give you details on that adventure!

In the meantime, thank you for your past readership, and I hope you’ll continue in this bright, shiny New Year! If you have questions, please do ask. I’m also looking to expand my editing/proof-reading services as well. So if you or anyone you know is writing a book and might be in need of such help – please ask about that as well. I can provide references.

Till next time — Happy Writing!


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