Happy New Year !!!

31 Dec

Can it really be true? Is tomorrow a new year? 2014? Wow. (Or maybe it’s already a new year wherever you are!) This year has really flown by for me, and probably for most of you, as well. But, in addition to being speedy, this year has been totally astonishing for me, with all kinds of unexpected wonderful happenings!  I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a good (maybe even great!) year.  Ever. I’m going to do my best to repeat it again for this coming year. Not that I was personally responsible for most of it, but I am super grateful for it all, regardless.

I’ve not ever been really big on New Year’s Resolutions, although a bit of advance planning seldom goes astray. It’s been great fun to watch the progress of my Christmas novella (The Duke’s Christmas Gift) as it made its way up the Best Sellers List at Amazon.com. In the Kindle Store>  Kindle eBooks> Literature & Fiction> Historical Fiction> Regency , it made it up to #19 at one point, and for most of November and December it was consistently in the top 40.  I promise not to let that go to my head! (It was #52 this morning.)

But for sure, I plan to complete more of my unfinished books to publish them during 2014. When I counted up the day after Christmas I found 28 individual titles, but some of these are mystery series, with anywhere from 1 to 7 titles buried therein.

I chose four of these to work on (seriously work, I mean) for 2014. If possible, I’ll also try for more, of course, but in the meantime, these four will hopefully see daylight this year. Not necessarily in this order, however.

First is a hilarious Regency fantasy written epistolary style – letters between two cousins. One young lady lives in Cheltenham, while the other is from Boston, Mass. Their fathers are brothers. This is being written with a dear friend in England, and her imagination knows no bounds, whatever. We started this in 1998, but it was put away a couple of years later for multiple reasons, and we think now is the time to finish it. We’re not 100% certain of the title as yet, but it could be Devilish Designs. More info will come when I/we have it.

The second book is a contemporary novel with a love story that features an older couple. There really aren’t enough of these out there, in my opinion, so in 2007 I started this one, and again, it was shelved for other projects. Now seems to be a good time for this book which is set in the auto racing world. Two high school seniors are in love with each other, but her father objects and separates them. They meet up again by accident 50 years later, to find their feelings haven’t changed during all that time. What a lovely surprise!  This book is also busily looking for a title. I’m sort of leaning towards It’s About Time.

The next book is a contemporary novel featuring a young widow, a  ghost and a love story and takes place along Lake Ontario in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This one has been brewing since 1997 or so, and a couple of years ago, I spent some time there physically locating the book. I found the perfect spot for the old house, and so, this one will also be completed this year. Or else!

One of my problems is that the characters come to life and hijack their stories!  Then I have to do more research and I get distracted by something else, and there they sit.  Another difficulty is that I like a plot that is more than just the romance between the two main characters. This means that for most publishers, my books were not publishable, as they’re also not easily categorizable. Thanks to CreateSpace that’s no longer a problem. This book is called Saint’s Harbour.

And then, there’s my collection of short stories — Brief Interludes. I keep cannibalizing it, taking stories out of it to publish elsewhere, so now I still have a couple to finish up and maybe a couple to write — and it’ll be ready to go. I hope.

I wonder how many of these will actually be in print by one year from now? I’ll keep you posted! Until then —

Happy writing to you all, and above all – A happy, prosperous and healthy New Year of 2014 for all!


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