Yikes! It’s almost 2015!

10 Dec

Good grief! Three weeks and two days from now we’ll be in the year 2015. That just doesn’t seem possible.  I vividly remember a time when the year 2000 was seemingly thousands of years in the future. Well, that was certainly not true. Remember Y2K?  For sure the cyber world was going to come to a disastrous end, and it turned out to be entirely peaceful.

So, what will 2015 mean for you? For me? Who knows these things?

We can, however, know what we might do. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I do have a ‘To-Do List’. Actually, I’ve had one every year for the past ten or so years, and sometimes at the end of the year, I can actually look at it and cross off some of the items. Sometimes I look at the list and sadly shake my head, as in what was I thinking when I wrote that on there?  Well, obviously I wasn’t thinking, or at least not thinking in the right direction.  I can say, however, that I did manage to cross two items off my list this  year.  They aren’t all I did, however, as there were a few additions that weren’t written down, but still, they count in the grand tally.

For next year – 2015 – I’ve  not yet made up my list, but I know there will be some items that pop up to the top of the list, regardless of where I think they belong in the overall scheme of things. But that’s okay, too.

I also know that the ‘power of positive thinking’ can be a real force in one’s life, if you believe that way. Several years ago, I heard about a new concept.  It was called a ‘Dream Board’ (aka Wish List) and allowed one to visualize wanted items. My board was divided into monetary categories:  $50. – $100., $150. – $200., $250. – $300., etc. I made a label for each and pinned it to the corkboard. The highest dollar amount was $500. And wouldn’t you know, that was the first item that was removed from the Wish List when it became a reality!  It was a full-sized Yamaha electronic keyboard, which still holds pride of place in my living room. Actually, it was a bit more than $500. But that’s beside the point.

I wanted it desperately, and I cut out a photo of the unit and pinned it to the board, never dreaming that it would ever come to live with me. But it did!  I had items of smaller value, too, and for the most part, they followed right along. I didn’t get quite everything posted on my board, but I found it did help to focus my attention on things that I thought I wanted.  Focusing is always a good thing, regardless of the direction of the focus. Unless you’re a stalker, that is. But maybe my reasons for wanting the object changed, so it was no longer considered as desirable as when I made the board.

If you’re on a limited budget, this can be a very strong motivation to save up to make a bigger purchase rather than frittering away your dollars and sense on an accumulation of smaller stuff! It’s so easy to spend a dollar here and a dollar there! Too many temptations abound.

For 2015, I’m going to try something different, but along the same line. Instead of dollar value tags, I’m just going to print out titles of projects, and pin them to the board. That way, every time I walk by it, I’ll see those names, and hopefully, this will jog my muse into getting busy.  I’ll confess to my successes next year at this time!  In the meantime, I wish you luck with your goals for the new year! And I do hope they include writing – something!

Comments and questions?  Write to me:  bookmechanicATgmail.com   Thanks!



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