Dream Big!!

18 Feb

I do love sports – well, most of them, at any rate. I look at ESPN almost as often as I check my e-mail. Even though I don’t read everything, just looking at the headlines will give me all the info I might need to be able to talk somewhat intelligently about this or that game or a totally different part of the story.

It’s pretty hard not to like J. J. Watt and Jimmy Graham, both of whom caused all sorts of havoc on football fields during the recent NFL season.  And, of course, even though I know nothing whatever about pop music, and consequently not Katy Perry, either, you can hardly ignore her super Saturday, when she correctly picked the winner of all eight of the biggest games of the weekend. That’s amazing by anybody’s standards.

So in mid-January, there was a preview of ESPN the Magazine, which was – surprise! – devoted to the Super Bowl.  Great eye-catching cover, too, in my opinion.

ESPN 2-15


ESPN said ‘Katy Perry put on a clinic as a “GameDay” guest picker.’ In one day, she picked: Mississippi State over the Aggies, Ole Miss over the Tide, Auburn over LSU, Ohio State over Maryland, Michigan State over Nebraska, and Rutgers over Michigan, not all of which were sure things.

But that’s not the thrust of the article, after all. No, it’s J. J.’s motto since he was a youngster. We could all take it to heart, and make it ours as well.

 ‘Dream Big, Work Hard’    J. J. Watt

 Dreaming of a goal is not at all a bad thing to do. Especially if it works to give you a nudge in the right direction. Even if life sends you on a detour, and you end up in the totally opposite direction from where you really want to be, hang on to that dream. It may work even better in your new location than it would have in your original place.

Exactly 50 years after I was disabused of my first dream, it came true. I was a junior in high school, and wanted to be a sports writer. I loved sports then, too, as well as writing, so it seemed like a ‘no-brainer’ to me. Except I neglected to consider the time in which I was living.  Our class went on a field trip to the daily paper (Detroit had three of them at that time, and I can’t recall which one we went to – sorry!) and I chose to visit the hockey writer.

He had hysterics laughing at my naïvéte. “Don’t be silly, girl,” he ordered me. “They’ll never let women in the locker rooms and that’s where all the good stories come from, so give it up. Go write about cooking or babies, or something. That’s what girls write about.” I can still hear the derision in his voice as he spit out the word ‘girls’.  I was in tears as I walked out his office.

But then, 20 years later came Title IX. Girls and women everywhere  have definitely benefited from this legislation, which was long overdue, in my opinion.  (And as America goes, so [mostly] goes the rest of the world, it seems. My life proceeded to go in all kinds of different directions, but then, I found myself in Cleveland in 2002, a published author and busy free-lance writer.  Still in love with sports, especially those that welcomed women’s participation. I had joyously become a season-ticket holder of the Cleveland Rockers since the inception of the WNBA five years earlier, in 1997. Those women were fabulous! And then, there appeared a different women’s team – the Cleveland Fusion, who played forceful, jaw-dropping tackle football!

I called to find out more about this new phenomenon, and was invited to ‘try-out’ for the vacant post of Staff Writer.  That position entailed going to all the games – home and away; traveling on the bus with the team, and then writing a game summary and distributing it to the various media outlets. I went to a try-out for potential players, took pictures and wrote it up. And – they chose me!  So when the Fusion’s season came to an end in June, 2003, I was invited to write about the last half of the Rockers season (be still my heart!) for a local jock web-site.  At that time it was known as  SportsTalkCleveland.com but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be under that name anymore.

The point of all this is – Dream Big, Work Hard – and who knows? Your dream might come true, too. For sure it won’t if you don’t dream it to begin with! Dreams can sometimes come true, if you’re persistent—and you live long enough!

Happy Dreams to you all! And happy writing, as well.

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    Why are we so unable to dream big? Is it fear, insecurity, inability to connect and focus? It works, to dream big.

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