Did I really write this?

8 Jul

Just as parents are supposed to love all their children equally, there are times when it doesn’t happen that way. Authors are thought of in the same way. Not true.  Not all kids are loveable all the time, and it’s when they’re the most unlovable that they need the most love.

Books, however, are a tad bit different. They’re not all created equal, and I suspect it would be a strange author who didn’t have a favorite of their works, even if there were only two of them!

I did love my first book, a Regency titled Bertie’s Golden Treasure. I loved Regency (still do – big time!) and this book came about in such a strange fashion, it was hard not to love it. The next book is definitely not my best, so we’ll just ignore it. Maybe it’s the step-child off in the corner, but I don’t think it’ll ever get to another ball.

The next book was the first of mine to be published. Secret Shores was a joy to write, mainly because of all the research I did for it. I had a list of more than 60 books that I’d consulted by the time I was ready to start writing. And other than a short hiatus while I recuperated from a ruptured gall bladder, the book progressed fairly smoothly, other than a very pushy mother of the hero. I promised her a book of her own if she’d just please retire to the other room and me let get on with it. She did as I asked, and I fully expected the next book from me to be her story. She was Windsong.

A funny thing happened however. The day after I finished Secret Shores was the chapter meeting of our local RWA Chapter. . . .   In case you’re thinking, “gee, this sounds familiar,” you’re right. I wrote about this on March 23, 2011. Four years ago, already. It’s here, in case you missed it the first time around.


Well, last year my most recent publisher Ellora’s Cave decided to phase out their non-erotica lines, and all of my books fell into that gap. So I now have the rights back to all of them, and will definitely be re-issuing at least Ardenwycke Unveiled and Bertie’s Golden Treasure during the next month or so. And therein lies the foundation of this particular post.

Having been going through the manuscript, checking for formatting and other glitches, I’ve been reading it as I go along, and I keep saying, “WHERE on earth did this come from?” Darned if I know. I can’t believe some of what’s in here. It absolutely belongs, and I think it makes the story much stronger, but how did I know some of this stuff? I mean, I’ve led a fairly sheltered life, and to the best of my knowledge have only encountered a ghost two times. And that ghost was nothing like the ghost in Ardenwycke!

Well, to be very honest, I haven’t a clue. But I still really like this book a lot. I think it is my favorite of all my books. At least so far.  It’ll be ready to go sometime in early August I hope. I’ll keep you posted! By the way,  I’m changing the title back to my original one – That Room at Ardenwycke. I think it makes more sense, although it is longer, but that’s okay, too.

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One Response to “Did I really write this?”

  1. Robert W. Birch July 15, 2015 at 2:43 pm #

    I have the the same experience when reading my own novels. As I read my TIME FOR LOVE, i had no idea how it was going to end. Clues and hints were dropped along the way, but I know of my trickery when I write. Since I like surprise endings, my clues are often misleading, I’ve just begun reading the second of my novels, SEX IS HER SPECIALTY. i thought I had written about a professional call girl, but discovered my main character was a psychologist specializing in sex therapy. A fun thing about getting older is old things often appear as new.

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