It’s pretty safe to say that anyone who knows me — or has spent more than 15 minutes in my company — knows that I almost always have a camera in my other hand.  From my Dad’s old fold-out Kodak (from the 1940s!) to my newest Canon digital, I love taking pictures of people, places, things — anything that strikes my fancy. I particularly love digital, as storage of negatives and/or prints can present problems.  Especially when one lives in an apartment.

2007 was a totally banner year for me and my cameras. At that time I had a Kodak and Pentax, both digital, and took plenty of batteries (plus both chargers) and camera cards, plus my laptop for nightly transfers, when I embarked on my major trip to Ireland, England and Germany, then Pittsburgh and Lake Muskoka in Ontario Canada. That was a summer I’ll never forget, to be sure! I only have to look at some of my photos for vivid reminders!

I was totally thrilled in the fall of that year, when friends seeing the pix on my laptop said, ‘You should make cards of these. They’re gorgeous!’  Oh, I’d really never thought much about it, but as any idea is likely to attach itself to my brain, this one did — and has never let go.

Sorting out the photos was a real trip! Eeegads. I quickly made some categories: Botanicals (flowers and trees, etc.); Muskoka Lake; England; Ireland; Germany; Clouds (Nuages, really); Bridges; Mechanicals; Cleveland and so forth. There were too many from both England and Ireland  to settle into just one batch, so they were split: Buildings/Structures and Countryside.  All too quickly, I ended up with 7 workable sets–the others still need a bit of work and possible additions to become a full set. (I am capable of some self-censoring, but it’s hard!)  Anyway, thanks to those same friends, I located a source of clear plastic cases for the cards, and self-sealing envelopes, and away I went.

I’m now ready to share the first seven sets with the world! Indeed. To purchasers in the US, they are $15. per set, plus $2.50 for parcel post.  Elsewhere, the cost is the equivalent of USD $15.00 plus shipping, which will be advised to the purchaser before the order is confirmed.  Write to me at: for complete information, and address of where to send the check. (Sorry, I’m not set up for credit cards.)

Here are the first seven sets to show you what is currently available.

Botanicals-final                       EnglandCountryside                      England-Structures

Germany-final                   Ireland Buildings-Landscapes            Ireland Greenery

Muskoka Lake                I hope this works!  Please let me know if the links produce photo pages?  There’s a cute story about my logo, but I’ll save that for another time.  Oh, wait!  — here she is, anyway.



I’m not 100% sure she was laughing at me; she might have been yelling! She was less than an arm’s length away from me, as we were both in the water, floating, at the time. Impossible to resist!



Thanks!    We’ll get back to books next week. Promise!


One Response to “LaughingDuckCards”

  1. Ty Drago June 1, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    It works! How neat!

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